• 24th November 2019

We would like to inform all user on this seedbox, this seedbox currently have problem and we have to reinstall it. Please open ticket if you have any question or want to redeem special gift from us. This special gift Only for this seedbox user and only for those pm us through whatapps or open ticket.

Thanks you. 

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  • 11th July 2019

Dear customer,

We have successfully migrate your account to new seedbox.

Please check your email regarding your new seedbox account information.

Have a nice day. 

Thanks for being nice and patient.

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  • 10th July 2019

Dear customer.

We are in progress to migrate from your current seedbox to another. This migration will start on 11 July 2019 to 13 Jul 2019.

Please be advised during the migration you will not able to access your seedbox. Thanks you.


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